Never Thought I’d Own an Iphone 4S

iphone faceI never thought I’d own an iPhone, but less than a year ago I was won over. The fact that I only had to pay $140 for it used probably was the hugest reason I bought it. I don’t know if I would’ve paid full price for it.

More about how I feel about the iPhone 4S I currently own >>>

Why I Bought the iPhone 4S

I was tired of useless, cheap phones that I couldn’t even use to browse the web or do what I wanted to do on the go. Surprisingly, the 4S does just about everything I would want it to do. I was also amazed at how many more useful apps are available for it than that for my old Blackberry Curve.

I Swore I’d Never Own a Touchscreen, But…

I confess. I cheated. I bought a slide-out keyboard. What do you expect? I’m from the old school. I’ve even used a manual typewriter a few times, so forgive me if I’m having a hard time adjusting to the touchscreen technology.


Still, It’s a Good Phone…

It’s not perfect, but a good phone. I wound up buying a table to use for browsing the web after it, because the screen is kind of small. It’s great as a back-up though in case I need to get on the Web and I don’t have my computer.

7 thoughts on “Never Thought I’d Own an Iphone 4S

  1. Yeah, it does have pretty good sound, doesn't it? I'm often impressed by the quality of it myself. It would probably sound like a home theatre if I plugged in a speaker or am from it. Which iPhone do you have 4 or 5? I have 4.

  2. The 4S is pretty good, but so two years ago already. It's been over a year now that the 5 has been out. I can see the reluctance to switching the new one. It has entirely different pin adapters and everything. Still, it's cooler. Once you go 5 you don't go back. LOL

  3. The small screen is a drawback on the iPhone 4S, I had to laugh about you using a manual typewriter and table, I learned to type that way as well. Even though there is no microSD slot for expanding the memory on the 4S you can add memory with 64GB handsets that are available. I've heard the Siri App is very handy as well.

    • I'm glad you found some humor in this post referring to the manual typewriter. Siri is the voice-activated function right? If so, I have tried out voice texting. It works pretty decent as long as I enunciate my words properly.

  4. I love the iPhone and Siri makes it even better. I have issues with my sight and man does Siri make everything better. I can say, "Call Mom" and it calls her no problem. All my contacts are in there.

    Anything I need on my phone I can just ask siri. THis may not be a big thing for you but for a vision impaired person, it rocks. I can send text messages and have siri read them

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